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11 Gift Ideas for the Thrifter In Your Life

Is gifting during the holiday season as hard for you as it is for me!? If I has a dollar for every time I said "I don't know what to get them!" I would have a lot of dollars...

In an attempt to make gifting during the holiday season easier for SOMEONE (hopefully you!) I put together a list of my most practical and thoughtful gift ideas that for the person in your life who loves to spend their free timing digging through people's used things!

Measuring Tape

This may seem lame but a measuring tape can really comes in handy when you want to see if something is going to fit when you aren't able to try it on. Shop measuring tape

Reusable Bags

If you aren't using reusable bags for everything now a day then I suggest you order these for yourself ASAP. I use TJMaxx giant reusable plastic bags literally more than any other bag in my closet!

I also love foldable ones- they are perfect for sticking in your purse for anytime you need them. Shop Baggu Set of Three Reusable Bags

At Home Dry Cleaner Kit

Trips to the dry cleaner can start to add up really quickly. For clothes that aren't incredibly dirty, I use an at home dry cleaning kit or clothes. Shop Woolite At-Home Dry Cleaner Dry Cleaning Cloths and Stain Removal

Local Dry Cleaner Gift Certificate

This one may seem like a seriously lame gift but honestly, if someone got this for me I would be so happy! Support local business and give the gift of a professionally cleaned thrift haul.

Fabric Freshener

This stuff smells so good and is great to freshen up any clothes. The Laundress is an elevated brand too so gifting this doesn't seem to say "you smell" quite as loud! Plus they are eco-friendly and sustainable so you can feel good supporting them. Shop Fabric Fresh Classic

Local Alterations Specialist Gift Certificate

Real thrifters know - they most likely have a pile of things in their closet waiting to be altered to fit properly.

Fanny Pack or Belt Bag

Having both hands free to focus on the hunt is ideal. Wearing a belt bag makes it easy to focus and not worry if your bag will be bothered if you wonder away from your cart for a bit.

This one from Baggu is so cute and holds a lot!

Thrift Store Gift Card

Give the gift of thrifting with a gift card! If you know your thrifters favorite spot - look into if they offer gift certificates. Goodwill and Savers offer gift cards you can purchase online. Check to make sure their are locations in your area before ordering!

Online Thrift Store Gift Card

If buying a gift card for in-person shopping isn't a great option- the next best is to an online secondhand store! Check out ThredUp, Ebay, TheRealReal, Deals on Designers, Designer Revival, Goodfair, Thrilling to name a few.

A Friend to Go Thrifting With

When in doubt- give the gift of quality time! A shopping buddy or personal chauffeur makes for a thoughtful gift that won't cost you much. If you're feeling generous, offer to pay for whatever they find!

Happy Holidays!

Xo- Nichole

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