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3 Mistakes I Made When I First Got Started on Instagram

YOU can LEARN from my mistakes 🙌 Here are 3 I made when I first got started on Instagram ⬇️


⚡️ I was SCARED of what people would think of me. I didn’t want to be at the end of someone’s joke about “another girl trying to be an Instagram star”. It took me a long time to get over that fear enough to share what I was doing with my friends and family. I’ve learned that if it makes ME happy, then who cares what other people have to say!


⚡️ I didn't ASK for help! I didn’t know much of anything about social media, everything I learned I did from reading, research and trial and error. I’ve learned that ASKING someone to teach you or finding a mentor/ coach is a huge resource to being successful.


⚡️ I didn’t find ways to ADD VALUE! Posting random captions may work for some but the best way to gain momentum is to find ways to SHARE information that your ideal follower would find most valuable.


PS. Making mistakes is NEVER a bad thing as long as you LEARN from them 👏

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