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3 Tips for Mixing Prints and Patterns in Your Outfits

I love experimenting with fashion and exploring new and fun ways to play with my personal style. Over the past year, I've pushed myself outside my comfort zone and experimented with it a bit which led me to the art of maximalism.

Maximalist style is the idea that more is more. It uses colors, prints, patterns, textures and effortlessly incorporates them together to come up with something incredibly interesting and the exact opposite of boring. Think style icon Iris Apfel.

The ability to mix and match different prints and patterns of pieces within an outfit to create a really chic and cohesive look is a skill that I really wanted to learn. Flash forward to today and it is one of my favorite ways to put together really interesting outfits. Here are my 3 tips for mixing print and pattern together. Tip #3 is the most important!!

Tip #1

The easiest way to make prints and patterns look like they belong together is to choose patterns that have the same colors within them. Not all colors in each print and pattern have to match, but as long as one color is carried through both prints, they will pair together well!

Tip #2

Pairing prints and patterns together is a bold look! To avoid going to bold, pay attention to the size of your prints and patterns. Style bigger patterns with smaller ones to create good visual contrast.

Tip #3

This is by far my most important tip so I am going to make it big and bold so you don't forget!


If you think it looks good, then it looks good. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, be bold and try new things! You never know what looks good until you try it.

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