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4 Tips for Shopping Secondhand & Vintage Online

4 Tips for Shopping Secondhand & Vintage Online ⬇️

⚡ Search by descriptive key words. Secondhand websites can be overwhelming because there is usually a lot of stuff on them so getting as detailed as possible can help you to narrow down and find what you're interested in.

⚡ Filter by your size and know your measurements. Search one size bigger and smaller than the size you typically wear. Vintage sizing usually is smaller so pay attention to measurements on the listing to make sure they are within your range. Remember- if something doesn’t fit perfect you can always get it tailored

⚡ Know your style and what looks good on your body type. If you know what you like, you’re less likely to make a bad buy!

⚡ Look at the photos and read the listing carefully. Vintage and secondhand clothes can come with imperfections and you should pay attention to what those are before you purchase so you aren't surprised when you receive in the mail.

Best places to shop for online vintage 🛍️






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