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5 Ideas For Instagram Guides

5 Ideas for Instagram Guides 🤳

Guides are a really great way to create a collection of value based content that you want to share with your community. Save this for later when you need a little inspiration for putting something together 💕


⚡️ Pasts posts you’ve published that have a consistent theme. I have a guide where I put all my social media related tips and one with all the thrift or pass hauls.


⚡️ Favorite creators that you go to for inspiration.


⚡️ Recommended places to visit in a city you’re familiar with.


⚡️ Favorite business to shop. You can break it down by categories or keep it general to all your go-tos. I keep a guide of my favorite NYC area thrift stores to shop.


⚡️ Outfit Inspiration. I share a monthly guide of outfit inspo I’ve saved and want to replicate!

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