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6 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas That Aren't Lame

Christmas is in 5 days and you may be thinking "oh shit. I need to get gifts for everyone." I've been there and I know the feeling of panic and overwhelm about what to get so last minute. I would personally be thrilled to receive any of the things on this list (If you're reading this and want to gift anything to me, please don't stop yourself!) so obviously they get my stamp of approval.

Here is my list of last minute gift ideas that aren't totally lame!

Fashion Subscription

I'm not totally sure these services offer easy ways to gift a membership but I do know that this would make any person who is remotely interested in fashion happy.

Rocks Box, Switch, Rent the Runway (use code RYRXNICHOLE for 40% off 2 months subscription), Vivrelle and Nuuly are some of my personal favorites.

Book of the Month

For the person who loves to read or who wants to read more but doesn't know what book to start with. Shop BOTM gifts

Donation to Charity

Ever wonder what to get the person who has everything? Make a donation in their name. Put some thought and care into it and give to a cause that they support or one that reminds you most of them.

Restaurant Gift Card

I don't know about you, but in my family our love language is food. Nothing is better than having a great meal that's why a gift card to a favorite restaurant is always a good move. Bonus points for supporting a small local business!

Wine Subscription

For anyone you know who enjoys a glass (or two, who's actually counting) with dinner, a monthly wine subscription is a great gift. Check out Winc

Airbnb Gift Card

Give the gift of travel and relaxation. Almost every single person I know is always saving up or looking forward to their next vacation. Help them get that much closer and gift them an Airbnb or hotel gift card.

Happy Holidays!

XO - Nichole

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