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7 Summer Trends You Can Find at the Thrift Store

Dressing trendy and shopping at thrift stores is not an oxymoron. Save money and save the planet and try thrifting your favorite trends before buying off the rack from fast fashion brands. Here are a few of my favorite summer trends that you can easily find at any thrift store or secondhand shop!

Mom Shorts

If you can’t find them, make them. Don’t be intimidated, cutting shorts from jeans is super easy to do. The perfect mom length is 2.5 to 3 inches long from the crotch seem.

Oversized Button Downs

Shop in the men's section for the perfect oversized fit. Look for fabrics like cotton and linen for a more breathable casual look.


This is a trend that gave me the ick a year ago but now I am obsessed with it. I love how polished yet cool girl effortless it looks when paired with mom shorts, jeans or trousers.

Silk Scarves

Wear them as a top, wear them on your head, wear them as an accessory on your bag. The thrift is always full of scarves in all different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns.

Coastal Grandmother Inspired Pieces

Coastal grandmother is all about comfortable polished neutrals in classic styles and cuts. Think linen, silk and cotton in collared shirts, slacks, and knits.

Denim Mini Skirts

People got rid of their Hollister denim mini skirts from the early 2000s and they are all at the thrift store waiting for you to rescue them.

Matching Sets

Thrift stores often have a section for 2 piece sets making it super easy for you to find perfectly matching pieces. I also recommend checking in the pajamas section for cute top and short combos. Yes, PJs can be worn out of the house, especially if they are matching.

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