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Here's What's on my Winter Thrift List

Season's change and so do the thrift finds I attempt to manifest by writing them down.

I always have my eyes peeled for anything special that comes my way but here are the gems I'm looking extra hard for. ⬇️

Winter Thrift List

Oversized sweaters

This needs no explanation.

Sweater Vests

Winter layering is all about being cute and cozy! Sweater vest are perfect for that.

Cute Comfortable Pants

I work from home so I am constantly wanting to find a balance between wearing sweat pants and work wear.

Funky Outerwear

In the winter, your jacket becomes your outfit so might as well make a statement with it.


Gloves are the winter accessory I can't live without. They can instantly transform an outfit while also adding the extra protection from the cold that's needed during the harsh winter months

White Cowboy Boots

These will be on my thrift list, regardless of the season, until I find them!

Cute Broaches

They make for the cutest extra accessory to dress up any collared jacket or blazer.

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