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It's Not Too Late To Build Your Instagram

It’s not to late to START. This applies to anything but I’m talking about building a community and a business through social media. ⬇️


The creator industry has been growing and isn’t slowing down any time soon. Especially with Instagram's newest announcements around The Creator Economy (reposting a post from @growwithvix sharing more info on my stories about this!)


You may be thinking, “There are so many creators on this app, there isn’t any room for me.” It’s true, the market has become overly saturated with Influencers but that is actually good news for you because brands are working with micro and nano influencers more now than they have ever before because! (I can speak from experience, as my 9-5 job we almost EXCLUSIVELY work with micro creators!!). That means there’s actually even more opportunity for creators with smaller followings!


If you want to grow your presence on Instagram, change your mindset. Instead of making excuses or telling yourself reason’s why you shouldn’t do something, start telling yourself reasons why you should!


Take your dreams seriously, put in the work and watch yourself grow 💕

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