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The Most Important Rule Brands and Influencers Should Follow When Planning Content

Are you confused about how often you should be "selling" products to your followers?

Do you want your content to be as effective as possible?

If you are a brand or an influencer and you answered YES to those questions, this rule will help you when planning your content.

BRANDS : 80/20 rule - 80% of the time the content you post should add value to your community. The other 20% of posts, can be used as a call to action, aka asking your followers to do something.

INFLUENCERS : 70/30 rule- 70% of your posts should be organic content, or content that you want to create and share. The other 30% of your content can be sponsored posts.

Both of these principals come down to this: It is important to shift your thinking and your content strategy to be centered around your community! You want to avoid being the person who constantly takes without giving anything of value in return. It is important to keep this weighted balance (80/20 or 70/30) because ultimately your audience is the most important part of your social media existence and you want to make sure you are making your content for them.

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