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My Spring Thrift List

A new season calls for a new thrift wish list. If you're new here, I write a list of things I'll be looking extra hard to find at the thrift store each season.

I live in NYC and when March rolls around I am always CRAVING warm weather and a new wardrobe to fit. Here's what I have my eyes on for Spring 🌸 💐

Bold Colors

I love color so I am all on board for this spring trend. I'm looking to add lots of solid bold colors into my closet so that I can mix and match them for fun color-block looks!

Mini Skirts

Micro mini's are making a comeback and while II'm not totally sure shorter is better, I'll still be looking for them in different prints and patterns!

Mini Dresses

Good news about this one is that any dress from the thrift store can be a mini dress with alterations!

Matching Sets

Matching sets are so easy to style and make for the perfect effortless warm weather outfit!

Anything Pink or Purple

Spring calls for bright pastels so I'll be stocking up on anything and everything pink or purple! Plus Purple is the 2022 Pantone color of the year so you'll be seeing it everywhere soon.

Vintage Swim

I'm prepping for summer and read for a vacation. In my experience, vintage swims wear is hard to find, so the earlier to start, the better!

Leather Jackets

Of all cuts, colors, shapes and sizes!

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