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What to Do if You Aren't Growing on Instagram

If you're a creator and you aren’t growing on Instagram the way you want to then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.


What exactly do I mean by that? Get active on other platforms like TikTok & Pinterest.


Expanding your presence onto other social platforms opens up the possibility of discovering and connecting with other audiences that you haven’t been able to reach through Instagram alone. 📈 Growth on other channels can drive growth on all channels.


Being on multiple social platforms is A LOT of work. Being on multiple platforms means you have to create DOUBLE the amount of content and spend double the amount of time scheduling, and engaging with your communities. Even with the extra work, there is so much potential if you are consistent.


I’ve grown my community on IG by nearly 50% by posting consistently on TikTok just within the last month! If I can do it, you can too 💕

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