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5 Ways to Reduce Waste and Keep Your Clothing In Use When You Are Done With It ♻️

I stumbled upon a video on Tiktok of a lady give tips for "de-cluttering" your life. No joke, SHE was literally THROWING EVERYTHING she didn't want anymore INTO THE GARBAGE. I was triggered by this on so many levels. There truly is ZERO excuse for throwing things into the trash!! To that lady and anyone else who may need to hear it, this post is for you.

5 Ways to reduce waste and keep your clothing in use after you're done with it ⬇️

⚡ Hand-me-downs may have had a negative connotation in the past but not anymore. Offer your clothing to family or friends to take a look through before you decide to part- ways with it!

⚡ Clothing swaps- organize one with your friends or find a local event in your area. @nycfairtrade is a fair trade coalition that has a showroom that you can visit to swap items any day of the week and @howtobebrokeinnewyork organizes clothing swaps in Brooklyn often as well!

⚡ Consign your clothes and accessories at places like ThredUP, Deals on Designers, The Real Real, Designer Revival or at a local shop!

⚡ Re-selling/ Apps, there are so many it's hard to keep track. Here is a few I've used in the past! Curtsy , Depop, Poshmark , Nuuly Thrift , Ebay, Mercari

⚡ Donate them! Of course there is always your local charity shops and thrift stores but I would always suggest trying to get your used goods into the hands of the people who will be using them directly first.

Animal Haven takes old towels and linens and uses them for dog beds, try contacting your local animal shelter to see if they do the same!

Give back box, Bottomless Closet, Native American Heritage Association and Zappos all accept donations of gently used clothing by mail.

Even places like DSW and H&M accept in-person donations as well!

🚫 DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT 🚫 throw old clothing into the trash! There are so many places that will accept your used goods and will find ways to repurpose them. Find local resources like Donate NYC to help point you in the direction of where to go!

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